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Midnight Alley


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Ash Levine, the top detective in the LAPD's elite Felony Special Squad, is called out to solve the murder of two young black men found shot to death in a Venice alley. The case is a high priority because one of the victims is the son of City Councilman Isaac Pinkney, a frequent critic of the LAPD. Searching for the killer throws Levine into the world of Los Angeles's Russian Mafia, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, and Middle Eastern archeologists.

Ash's history as a child of a Holocaust survivor gives him a unique perspective on murder, redemption, and justice. His background as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and his relentless, single-minded focus on his investigations make him a thoroughly absorbing character. As Ash closes in on the killer, the investigation becomes increasingly complex—and personal. Ash soon discovers that he is not just an investigator, but a target.

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Oceanview Publishing, Hardcover, April 2012, ISBN-13: 9781608090389



"Recommend this superb novel to fans of crime thrillers and police procedurals. One can read it as a haunting take on The Maltese Falcon with everyone frantically pursuing an ancient treasure while the bodies pile up, or as a look at the life of a thoughtful policeman, with the gems in the small moments: when he's condescended to by an academic, or when a chill runs through him when he recalls his new wife introduced him to her law partners as being in "law enforcement" so she wouldn't have to say he's a cop. Hero Asher Levine is a former Israeli paratrooper who joined the LAPD for cloudy reasons—there's an allusion to the Torah injunction to "heal the world." But author and cop aren't in love with introspection. It doesn't get in the way of vividly described chases, fights, arguments with killers and bosses, and enough wild stuff to make this a fast-paced read suitable for airplane or beach. The bonus is that tingle in the spine that comes when one turns the last page."
   —Booklist (starred review)

"Mercy! This high-octane thriller captures the whorl of L.A. and leaves the reader wanting more. When two men are found dead in a Venice alleyway, Ash Levine, an ex-Israeli paratrooper turned LAPD Felony Special Squad detective, is on the case. Sho'line Crips, V-13, ancient masks, and Russian mafiosi collide. By novel's end, one can't help but glance out at all the sunshine and ask, Could this be the same town?"
   —Los Angeles Magazine

"Corwin hits it out of the park with this one and certainly leaves the reader wanting more. Personally, I can't wait for the next Ash Levine mystery to come out. An exceptionally intriguing and gripping read. Five Stars for this one."
   —Suspense Magazine

"Great mysteries are written by great novelists whose works endure over time. Add to that list the name Miles Corwin."
   —Orange Coast Magazine (read the full article)

"Miles Corwin knows crime."
   —Orange County Register

"...the author offers a riveting picture of contemporary Los Angeles, the internal dynamics of homicide investigation, and a background story growing out of soldiers' experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. The welter of hard investigative detail and the skillful buildup of suspense are totally satisfying." 5 Stars
   —The San Francisco Review of Books (read the full review)

"Midnight Alley is a terrific novel, thriller, page-turner, and a smart social study of today's Los Angeles. The journalist in Corwin gets the facts right, and the entertainer in him keeps the story fresh, the characters bold and the pace brisk. This is a worthy addition to L.A.'s long canon of crime fiction."
   —T. Jefferson Parker, New York Times best-selling author of The Jaguar and Border Lords

"Fans of police procedurals will enjoy Corwin's writing. He keeps things moving, throws in a red herring or two, and his detailed knowledge of criminals and investigations keeps his stories realistic."
   —Edie Dykeman, BellaOnline (read the full review)

"This is a fast-moving story that conveys the frustration and fear felt by a man being framed by experts; don't start reading it after supper or you'll never make it to work on time the next day." 4 1/2 bolts
   —Karen Treanor,