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Kind of Blue


*Note to readers

Leaving the force nearly ruined Ash Levine's life. But rejoining the force could end it.

When a legendary ex-cop is murdered in LA, the pressure's on to find the killer. Lt. Frank Duffy needs his best detective on the case, but his best detective, Ash Levine, quit a year ago.

A tenacious, obsessive detective, Ash resigned after Latisha Patton, the witness in a homicide case he was working, was murdered. Without his job, Ash is left unanchored—and consumed with guilt that he somehow caused Latisha's murder.

When he's asked to rejoin the force, Ash reluctantly agrees. Getting his badge back could give him the chance to find Latisha's killer.

Ash dives in headfirst into the shadow lands of Southern California to investigate the ex-cop's murder. But even when he has a suspect in custody, something about this case doesn't sit right with Ash, and he continues working the increasingly-dangerous investigation while quietly chasing leads in Latisha's murder.

Unable to let either case go until he has answers, Ash finds that his obsessive nature, which propels him into a world of private compromises and public corruption, is a flaw that might prove fatal.

Kind of Blue has been translated into French and German.


NOTE: A few of the Hebrew words, which were correct in the manuscript, became jumbled during the production of Kind of Blue. The author is aware of the problem and will correct it in future editions of the book.

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Oceanview Publishing Hardcover, November 2010, ISBN: 978-1-60809-007-50



—Named one of the Top Ten First Crime Novels of 2010 by BOOKLIST.

"Corwin...clearly knows the technical stuff. His procedural details are spot-on, but he also knows how to generate adrenaline-producing action, and he gets in to the very heart and soul of his multifaceted protagonist. This fine first novel marks the arrival of a strong new voice in hard-boiled crime fiction."
   —Booklist (starred review)

"Former L.A. Times crime reporter Corwin (Homicide Special: A Year with the LAPD's Elite Detective Unit) introduces an engaging Jewish police detective in his first novel, a grittily realistic story of murder, stupidity, and redemption. Ash Levine, the LAPD's top detective, resigns after his suspension for failing to prevent the death of a key witness he was supposed to protect. A year later, Ash's former boss invites him to lead the investigation into an ex-cop's murder. Levine returns to the force, hoping to reopen the case that cost him his job, though not everyone in the department is thrilled to see him back. A jazz lover (hence the Miles Davis-inspired title), the son of a concentration camp survivor, and a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, Ash battles through departmental interference, corruption, and misdirection. Given his strong debut, Ash should be back on the job for further assignments."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Corwin, a remarkable new talent, goes deep into Michael Connelly territory; he's created an exceptional, atmospheric police procedural that's easily one of the year's best crime novels."
   —Lansing State Journal (read the full review)

"Kind of Blue avoids the overheated prose so often found in crime fiction. Miles Corwin is a minimalist, yet his descriptions are precise...Genuinely suspenseful...Far from predictable...Satisfying."
   —Los Angeles Times (read the full review)

"Hard-boiled Jewish cops are few and far between, and Corwin's (Ash) Levine is a scrappy pit bull of a detective who doesn't let go until the guilty are found...Years of experience as a Los Angeles Times reporter give Corwin the inside track on the seamy side of the city, and his depiction of the life of a police detective is as real as it gets. Readers of Michael Connelly will rejoice."
   —Library Journal

"Corwin has birthed a detective with depth, intelligence and charisma. Add intricate plots, intense action and emotion, and you'll be reading into the wee hours. An excellent book!"
   —Fresh Fiction (read the full review)

"Miles Corwin has produced a really, really engrossing and suspenseful story about the Los Angeles streets, cops and corrupt officials. And this, believe it or not, is his first novel! What will his second be like? There will be a second, won't there, Mr. Corwin? Please!"
   — (read the full review)

"Miles Corwin wrote two brilliant nonfiction explorations of Los Angeles Police Department homicide detectives in The Killing Season and Homicide Special. Now, Mr. Corwin infuses his intimate knowledge of cops and murder in his first novel, Kind of Blue, the story of LAPD Robbery-Homicide Detective Ash Levine, a one-time Israeli paratrooper at war with his fellow detectives, his department, and his own unrelenting guilt for having lost a witness he failed to protect. Every bit as moving, funny, complex, and exciting as the works of Michael Connelly and Joseph Wambaugh, Kind of Blue launches Miles Corwin to the front rank of crime novelists working LA's meanest streets."
   —Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author

"Kind of Blue is my kind of book... Miles Corwin is a novelist to watch. This book has character and texture, action and reflection. It's got it all and I can't wait for more!"
   —Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author

"Kind of Blue [has] a plot that is so gritty and realistic one has to keep in mind it is a work of fiction. It's that good."
   —The Tucson Citizen (read the full review)

"Kind of Blue may be Corwin's first thriller... [but there is] intricacy of plotting, characters and dialogue to be found between the covers."
   —Bruce Tierney, BookPage

"Author Miles Corwin delivers a rush of adrenaline in his new release, Kind of Blue. Edgy and gripping, the book's plot lets loose with unrestrained action and a level of suspense that will not let you go until you've finished the very last page. You'll be left craving more 'blue' and more Ash! "
   —Vicki Landes, Bookfetish

"Corwin uses a journalistic style that packs a lot of meaning into each short sentence. He has a way with words that can describe a scene, a feeling or event both descriptively and economically. Another good read..."
   —Mystery Maven Blog (read the full review)

"I enjoyed getting to know Levine in this book and hope to see more of him soon."
   —Feathered Quill Book Reviews (read the full review)

"5 Stars: Corwin has written a book full of danger, excitement, and secrets that shock and surprise his readers."
   —Patricia Reid, (read the full review)

"I really enjoyed the book... I believe Corwin is headed for success..."
   — (read the full review)

"Kind of Blue (from the Miles Davis track) is a detailed yet fast-paced and absorbing police procedural with plenty of clues and leads to keep the reader on her toes... Even when the case appears to be solved, there are three or four more twists in the story, twists that address issues of police corruption, gang warfare in LA, and the extremes of rich and poor who live in this city of dreams. I very much enjoyed the book...It is likely that this book will be compared to the early work of Michael Connelly, as Levine could develop into a next-generation Harry Bosch. I think the comparison stands up well. I very much enjoyed my first encounter with Ash Levine's life and his LAPD, and hope it will not be the last."
   —Petrona (read the full review)

"Kind of Blue is a high-quality read that has it all. Good guys that aren't perfect and bad guys that are really bad. A touch of romance as Ash dabbles with another guy's girl and some comedy relief in the disguise of a mother. The vernacular is believable and the sequence of events well-plotted, owing no doubt, to Mr. Corwin's extensive experience with the seedier side of L.A. Mr. Corwin seems to have transitioned from non-fiction to fiction easily enough and, hopefully, will continue to expand the Ash Levine character until it is as familiar to thriller fans as John Corey, Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch."
   —Amanda Capper, The Genreview (read the full review)

"This is a book that will keep you on your mental toes with every turn of the page. The plot is incredibly complex, the red herrings are scattered with a liberal hand, and the hero is flawed but almost likeable."
   —Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader

"Miles Corwin's first police procedural thriller, Kind of Blue, is filled with the raw, tough, and crude daily routine of police work and life on the mean streets of Los Angeles. This adds a touch of honesty to the characters and situations Corwin presents. Kind of Blue tells a compelling story about the troubled life of Det. Ash Levin and as the story unveils the depths of his personality it is obvious that Corwin has been able to capture the true grit of the city and its police force—the good, the bad, the ugly and the rewarding."
   —Michael Haskins, the big THRILL (read the full review)

"A book rather like the album it draws its name from—spare, moody and full of surprises... Author Corwin clearly knows his turf well, having been a crime reporter for the LA Times and written three acclaimed non fiction books that build on his experiences in the field. His debut in fiction is therefore no surprise—assured, well researched, flawlessly plotted and peopled with characters that grab your attention. Through his elegant, pared down prose, he brings LA alive—its neighbourhoods, its smog, its architecture, the mean streets. Also its cuisine, for Levine is clearly a foodie, and practically every chapter is peppered (pardon the pun) with references to the diverse meals he enjoys, deftly indicating his ability to interact with, and understand, the different ethnic groups of the city he so energetically seeks to protect and defend. With its crackling pace, abundance of plot twists and suspects, and an ending as surprising as it is satisfying, Kind of Blue is the kind of book that has one listening out for the hoofbeats of sequels."
   —Bookpleasures (read the full review)

"Former Los Angeles Times crime reporter Corwin... has crafted a suspenseful police procedural led by a cop looking for redemption."
   —The Sacramento Bee

"Oh, this is a complicated one, good for those readers who think they can solve a mystery from the clues the author tosses them, or who just like to read a well-written, engaging novel of crime."
   —Ground Zero From The Lincoln Journal Star (read the full review)